Located just 5 minutes from downtown San José, you will find Centro Comercial El Pueblo, since there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, handicrafts, galleries, and souvenir shops; it is one of the most popular and favourite places visited by the Costa Rican and international tourists for entertaining.

Since 1985 our Gourmet Corporation set up Lukas Restaurant, which specializes in the best and the most delicious meats like pork, beef and tender meat. Also you will taste the flavor of the international cuisine, known as one of the most visited places at Centro Comercial El Pueblo. With a successful path of over 25 years, Lukas has achieved to establish itself as one of the most recognized restaurants in the Costa Rican food market. Because of its success; it provides its Catering Service and Events Lukas.

Years later with the desire of satisfying all customer needs and in order to offer a better variety of food; the company opens in 1995 Papa Pez Restaurant, as an alternative seafood specialty. Papa Pez serves fresh seafood, prepared with the finest international recipes without losing that Costa Rican touch which has become the best known seafood restaurants in the country.

Chavetas bar and restaurant is the meeting point for all who wants to enjoy a Spanish Tapas style meal, a variety of international wines and spirits.

You will be accompanied by selective music with 70's, 80's and 90's classics.